Dendritic Cell image

DC-ATLAS is an immunological and bioinformatics integrated project, developed as a joint effort within the DC-THERA European Network of Excellence, a collaborating network established under the European Commission's Sixth Framework Programme to translates discoveries from DC immunobiology into clinical therapies. The major scientific and technological goal of DC-ATLAS is to generate complete maps of the intracellular signaling pathways and regulatory networks that govern DC maturation/activation and function. The list of DC-ATLAS extensively curated signal transduction pathways is provided below.

Pathway List

The pathways from DC-ATLAS are provided in BCML format (xml-based) or as gene lists, annotated with Entrez ID, Gene Symbol, and Gene Name. For each pathway, the genes are organized in a unique list or in the "macro-modules" sublists building the pathway (as detailed in Cavalieri et al., 2010). The name of a module contains the name of the pathway, the module reference (s: receptor/sensing, t: transduction, o: outcome), the specific downstream genes of that module (identifying the different branches of a pathway) and a reference to the species used for the curation (e.g., Mm_Hsi means that the pathway has been curated in Mus musculus, and genes were then inferred by homology in Homo sapiens).

The archive containing all the information for all the pathways is available here.

For backward compatibility we also provide the pathways in INOH and GPML format.

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